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frustrated with your golf game?

  • Losing speed & distance?
  • Not being able to play multiple days in a row?
  • Dealing with pain during or after your rounds?

we can help!

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our philosophy

Doubleoathletics is dedicated to helping athletes and individuals worldwide reach their full potential. Movement efficency is at the heart of what we do. The fact is, full strength and power is not realized or used without movement efficiency. Being strong doesn’t mean much without fluid, efficient movement.  

Our goal is to identify movement pattern limitations, so we can prescribe individualized corrective exercise to normalize movement before increasing physical demands with training. Training poor movement patterns reinforces poor quality and creates greater risk of injury. If you identify poor movement patterns, you can correct them with simple exercises.  

 Movement pattern corrective strategy is a form of exercise that focuses more on improving mobility, stability, basic motor control, and whole movement patterns. Upon establishing a normal pattern, we then focus our attention on endurance, strength, speed, agility, power, and skills training.


Training plans


I am 59 years old who enjoys competing regularly. My sports are Tennis, Paddle tennis, Skiing and Golf. I have worked with Osazee for 5 years. He changed my life. Before meeting Osazee, I was unable to effectively participate in the sports I love due to a knee injury. Rather than going the surgical route, I began an extensive regiment of training with Osazee. It was a complete overhaul of how I had approached working out. We started off slowly, even learning how to properly walk. Over time I graduated to a more extensive physical program involving stretching and strength training. Osazee is a caring and kind person. He is very patient and a genius at evaluating the individual and building exercises around each person’s capabilities and goals. I have had two of my daughter’s work with Osazee as well. They both say the same thing. Osazee is the best trainer you can work with. It took a couple of years, but now I am free of all pain. I am back on the playing field, enjoying my love for sport and competition. More importantly, I have a new friend for life in Osazee. He has shown me the right way to care for my body. I am extremely grateful to Osazee for all he has taught me.

John W.

"O's bootcamp is a great way to enjoy an outdoor workout in the city. The class provides a dynamic, fast-paced workout in a fun environment. It's designed to allow individuals of any fitness level to make constant progress toward their personal fitness goals."

Matt S.


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