Success Stories

I am 59 years old who enjoys competing regularly. My sports are Tennis, Paddle tennis, Skiing and Golf. I have worked with Osazee for 5 years. He changed my life. Before meeting Osazee, I was unable to effectively participate in the sports I love due to a knee injury. Rather than going the surgical route, I began an extensive regiment of training with Osazee. It was a complete overhaul of how I had approached working out. We started off slowly, even learning how to properly walk. Over time I graduated to a more extensive physical program involving stretching and strength training. Osazee is a caring and kind person. He is very patient and a genius at evaluating the individual and building exercises around each person’s capabilities and goals. I have had two of my daughter’s work with Osazee as well. They both say the same thing. Osazee is the best trainer you can work with. It took a couple of years, but now I am free of all pain. I am back on the playing field, enjoying my love for sport and competition. More importantly, I have a new friend for life in Osazee. He has shown me the right way to care for my body. I am extremely grateful to Osazee for all he has taught me.

John W.

"O's bootcamp is a great way to enjoy an outdoor workout in the city. The class provides a dynamic, fast-paced workout in a fun environment. It's designed to allow individuals of any fitness level to make constant progress toward their personal fitness goals."

Matt S.

"I started working with O for my wedding after not being very active aside from a few pick-up soccer games. He not only helped shape and tone my body, but also directed me to the proper eating and cardio regiments for my off days. I was fitting in pants that had not been very comfortable in years. I felt and looked great in my wedding photos and continue to work with him 7 months later in order to maintain my new lifestyle."

Kristen F.

"Osazee's bootcamp is a workout guaranteed to make you sweat! He combines strength training with a circuit format to make sure you are maximizing the effectiveness of your workout time. Great music, combined with his encouragement, makes it easy to look forward to the class."

Rob A.

"I started going to bootcamp last June. I wasn't sure what to expect in the beginning, but I was so pleasantly surprised with my results and what I was able to take away from these classes. Not only did I feel great, but I was also able to gain knowledge about the proper way to work out. O is fantastic. He is so motivating without being pushy, like some other trainers. He is flexible and is willing to work with your schedule to meet your fitness needs. During bootcamp I learned that he also does private personal training sessions, which I immediately jumped on. Again, very motivational and willing to teach. Of course, I'm taking the Murray Hill bootcamp again this summer. Can't wait. Thanks, O!"

Alexandra S.